kids' chance is an irmi charity of choice

may 8, 2024

 The national organization Kids' Chance has been selected by the well-known organization IRMI as one of its Charities of Choice. This is outstanding recognition of the mission and purpose of the national Kids' Chance organization and all 50 state Kids' Chance affiliated organizations. 

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Message from the Editor

Kids' Chance Deserves Our Support

Dear Leah,

A workplace fatality happens every 99 minutes in the United States. The trauma of a death or serious injury that occurs on the job extends far beyond the injured or killed worker. Just think for a moment about the worker's family. The spouse and children not only face immediate emotional trauma, but their dreams for the future are upended. Workers compensation insurance, even if supplemented with employer-provided life insurance, won't usually come close to restoring the family's well-being and future. Finances change rapidly, future plans become unsure, and sending a child to college or trade school under these circumstances can be tough or even impossible.

We recently learned of a not-for-profit that gives the children of workers who have been injured on the job a chance at a better future by providing scholarships and support: Kids' Chance. These scholarships help workers' children achieve their educational goals, making a brighter future possible. It seems to be an elegant fit as a charity for risk professionals to support. Doing so is a way to supplement the insurance recovery provided by the industry, taking the assistance we're providing to the family to a new level.

Going forward, Kids' Chance will be an IRMI charity of choice. We will be supporting the organization in various ways, including with financial support and through public awareness. Listen to the IRMI Podcast "From Tragedy to Hope: Changing Lives One Kid at a Time" to hear firsthand from a scholarship recipient how Kids' Chance helped turn her life around. Alternatively, visit the Kids' Chance website. I hope you will join us in supporting this organization.

All the best,


Jack Gibson, CPCU, CRIS, ARM

President & CEO | IRMI


Kids' Chance of Montana is an IRS recognized 501(c)(3) not for profit organization.  Please show your support for children of workers severely injured or killed on the job by donating to our scholarship fund. 100% of publicly donated funds go direct to children in need of post K-12 education support. Thank you for your effort to help us build future generations with strong educational support by making a donation, large or small, every dollar helps the kids.  Please visit