2023 annual meeting

september 27, 2023

 Leah Tietz, a founding Board member and current President of Kids Chance of Montana, led a full house annual meeting in September 2023. The meeting was held at the Kimpton Armory Hotel in Bozeman, Montana in conjunction with the 2023 Montana Governor's Conference on Workers' Compensation. 

The meeting covered a variety of topics including 

  • Fundraising and Recent Successes
  • Treasurer's Report (the BEST ever in the history of KCMT)
  • Media and Public Facing Outreach, The Website and Frequent Donor/Interested Party Contacts
  • Continued Successful Student Outreach, Student Success Gift Bags and Care Packages

Nominations were made and passed unanimously for a new slate of directors and officers:

Board Members

  • Charlie Smith
  • Leah Tietz
  • Vicki Evans
  • Leslae Dalpiaz
  • Michael Marsh


  • President - Leah Tietz 
  • Vice President - Vicki Evans
  • Treasurer - Jessica Jones
  • Secretary - James Holbrook

Committee Appointments

  • Finance Committee Chair - Leslae Dalpaiz
  • Media Committee Chair - Ethan Heverly
  • Student Outreach - Jessica Jones

A raffle for 2 prize packages with multiple gifts from caring supporters was held during the Conference here in Bozeman as well as a 50 / 50 drawing.

kids' chance board meeting - bozeman, montana september 27, 2023