Job-Related Deaths Rise in montana in 2021

Forty workplace deaths were reported in Montana in 2021, the highest number in 10 years, Montana Department of Labor & Industry officials said, adding that occupational fatalities had risen to their pre-pandemic mean as workers returned to job sites.

That figure is 38% higher than the 29 job-related fatalities in 2020 during the midst of COVID-19, according to the study done through the Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries (CFOI) program, state officials said Monday (December 18, 2022). - Independent Record

"Officials said 36 of the deaths in 2021 occurred in private industry and the other four were in government. Officials also said 36 of the deaths involved men. And of the deaths in 2021, 12, or 30%, were to people who were self-employed. Transportation incidents were listed as the leading cause with 23 deaths, or 58% of the fatalities.

“Aircraft and train incidents, vehicle incidents, pedestrian vs. vehicle, collisions between vehicles, and non-collision incidents such as jack-knife or overturn of vehicles could be considered a transportation event,” Department of Labor and Industry officials said." - Independent Record

Kids' Chance of Montana is here to support the children whose lives are interrupted, devastated, by a parent that is severely injured or killed while working in Montana.

Do your best to be SAFE out there, in everything you do. If you have children, please be particularly safe...they need you.

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December 23 2022