News - Kids' Chance Announces NATIONAL 

 Workers' Memorial Day April 28, 2024

Appil 11, 2024

Kids Chance, the national organization that partners with all 50 state Kids' Chance non-profit organizations, announces the national Workers' Memorial Day 2024.

The worst day in any child's life is the day they find out that their mother or father has been severely injured or killed at work. That moment is burned in their memory for a lifetime. Kids' Chance of Montana was started specifically for those children. No one can ever replace their parent. But we as a community can join together to help the kids.

Kids' Chance of Montana helps qualified children with post K-12 educational costs. It is an honor for the founders, board members and supporting / sponsoring organizations of Kids' Chance of Montana to help as many of these devastatingly impacted kids as possible.

It is with pride that KCMT presents the information from the national Kids' Chance announcement:

"Workers’ Memorial Day honors the workers who have been killed or injured at work. The day was first observed in the United States in 1989. As well as a day to remember and mourn, it is a day to call attention to workplace safety issues and advocate for greater safety for everyone.


Kids’ Chance sees firsthand the effect a worker’s death or injury can have on the entire family, especially the children. Finances change rapidly. Future plans become unsure. And sending a child to college under these circumstances can be tough or even impossible.


Kids’ Chance scholarships help the children of these workers achieve their educational goals and make a brighter and more productive future possible."

Kids’ Chance of Montana invites everyone in the workers' compensation system and at large community to join us in observing this national day by visibly standing with the workers and their families. There are plans for a separate Workers' Memorial Day in the state of Montana. Please considering making your visible stand by providing a tax deductible contribution @ 

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